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Uncertain T-Shirt Store

My T-Shirt Store is CLOSED Until Further Notice

First, go to my Uncertain Tee Shirts Designs page HERE to decide which design(s)

you want. Then come back here to my T-Shirt Store to order your T-shirts.

You can have any design large on the front or on the back, small on the left

chest, large on the front and on the back, or large on the back and small on

the left chest. You can even special order different designs on the same shirt!

Contact me if you’d like more than one design on the same shirt.

Uncertain Tee Shirts are made to order… by ME… one at a time, by hand, using

the latest digital printing process. I don’t stock blank T-shirts. I need to order

them from the mainland when I have enough orders for me to place an order, so

please allow at least 2 weeks… up to 4 weeks for me to mail your order to you.

You won't see a total price until you click to see what's in your cart/shopping bag. I accept PayPal, checks and money orders, but NOT CASH!

- Click here for full product, ordering and mailing cost information -

Click on the shirt below to go to the store.

Click HERE to go directly to the shopping cart to see what’s in your “shopping bag”.


- Updated 5/3/16 -

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