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I’m seriously looking for a sponsor, either a company, or someone

with bucks, to help me move back to the mainland as soon

as possible so that I can work on doing these things:

*Go to car shows, model car shows, and other hot rodding events; to sell my

T-shirts, model kits, photos, and other “Uncertain-T” good stuff. I want to have

“Get Together” breakfasts, lunches or dinners; before, during or after each

show or event in each area to meet and talk with old and new friends.

*Produce MY OWN all new and improved, better model kits and diecast models,

and start my own model kit company. You can read about Cool Carz here.

*Build ANOTHER “Uncertain-T”, while making a documentary about

building the first one, AND... setting up a shop for new creations.

*Have “Get Togethers” in a large shop at my new home for old

and new friends to come spend a day with me and special guests.

*And... many, MANY other exciting ideas that I have!

If you’re an individual who would like to help me get all this going, or,

a company that could benefit from the huge growing worldwide popularity

of “The Uncertain-T”, at car shows and other events, on my websites,

in my books and documentary, with the exciting products that I already

have and will be developing… I need a LOAN of about $30,000 to do this.

I will be able to pay you back rather quickly. I have three, 40 ft. Long

aluminum cargo containers that I will be able to sell for over $5,000 each

as soon as I move back to the mainland and move everything out of them

into a large workshop or warehouse building and begin selling most of the

contents. I will be able to make at least a couple thousand dollars every

week going to car shows, model car shows, and other hot rodding events,

and selling my T-shirts, photos and other merchandise, especially when I start

producing my own new and improved “Uncertain-T” and OTHER model kits.

Hopefully I will also be able to get paid for personal appearances, too!

If this might be YOU, or if you know of someone who might be the right

company, person, or persons for this, please contact me via email here.

Thank you!

- Updated 9/11/17 -

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